When booking a bachelor party here in Tahoe or Reno areas there are plenty of sites to choose from. I mean really, the access to getting entertainment seems all too easy. But in all reality you don’t always get what you wish for. Here are 5 great tips that can help you plan the perfect night with great Reno strippers and Tahoe strippers:

1. Watch Out for Photos that Look a Little Too Unrealistic

Now we are not saying to pick an unattractive lady, since obviously in this business looks are priority. Although on some sites the “girls” may seem a little too “Maxim magazine” looking, professional photos are a must. However, many of these sites are just copying and pasting a model making you think you are getting the girl you want. The truth is, you are getting some overweight, half-assed looking Tahoe local. On the contrary, at Sexy Strippers of Tahoe when we say “we have the real girls”, it means you get what you want. We can also send you picture collages with selfies of them, so you know for sure you’re getting the sexiest Reno Strippers and Tahoe Strippers.

2. Beware of Some 1-800 or 1-877 Number Agencies.

Most of the people running these agencies are based in completely different states. Now we are not saying it isn’t possible to run a successful agency from another state, but most of these are a person who has models on their sites and just send over any girl that can cover the show. They don’t really know the local girls from Reno or Tahoe covering the shows, they just send a mass text out. In all actuality, you do not know what you will be receiving as far as looks.

3. Last Minute Booking

Now we do realize this happens a lot. I mean the girls are used to it, but if you are going to do it, don’t be extra picky. These girls are generally in pairs, or coming from another show with a partner. It is hard to always get the exact two girls that you want. For example, say you really wanted Molly and Jessi, but Jessi can’t come because she is still at a show that is 45 minutes away. If you find yourself looking to book girls within the hour, you sometimes need to just be happy with the main girl that you get. As we’ve said, these girls will more than likely be booked out and busy, coming from anywhere in Tahoe, Truckee, or Reno. If an agency sends you two girls that are completely different from the online photos that you choose. chances are the online girls were not real to begin with, and are trying to take the booking rather than being honest and up front with the client. All we are saying is be a little realistic with time.

When you book a bachelor party here in Tahoe, Reno, Truckee and their surrounding areas and our Tahoe strippers and Reno Strippers show up, do not expect extra services! It happens more than you would imagine.

4. Special Requests

If you need to change out $200 into ones or really want a specific game, let the agency know ahead of time. Most of these girls have everything you need from music to party games and even extra dollar bills. However if the night gets busy, they ran out of one dollar bills or forgot to bring them, just let us know prior to the event and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

5. Booking a Party and Expecting Escorts.

When you book a bachelor party here in Tahoe, Reno, Truckee and their surrounding areas and our Tahoe strippers and Reno Strippers show up, do not expect extra services! It happens more than you would imagine. We get that one odd call asking for only a “massage” even though we aren’t massage therapists. I mean you never know, the girls could be willing to give you a wonderful private massage, and she might even be licensed. Just don’t expect other services besides what we offer. You are calling bachelor party entertainment agencies, not whore houses. It is frustrating for our Tahoe strippers and Reno strippers, and for the people working the phones to deal with rude clients only looking for sex. Remember, Carson City isn’t far away and that is where you can find an establishment for your “extra” activities. Who really wants a web order prostitute? It is 2017 and there are legal ways to go about that somewhere else.

Now that you know some tips when booking your party here in Lake Tahoe or surrounding areas, we hope they help you on your quest for the perfect night of entertainment with our Reno and Tahoe strippers in the area!!

*We also recommend getting the party started by hitting the strip. Reno Limos can provide great transportation.

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