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Spend your Summer with Sexy Strippers of Tahoe

Wet and Wild Fun in the Summer with Sexy Strippers in Reno and Tahoe

Summer is still young and there is tons of fun to be had. If you are coming to the Tahoe-Truckee or Reno-Sparks area, and plan on doing some outdoor stuff, we’ve got you covered. Here are some great ideas on how you can spice up your summer with sexy strippers and hot fun.

Ready to Float Your Boat?

Did you know if you plan on having some boat fun that our girls can come along? Yes, they can actually do your event on the boat. Kick back, relax and jam out to some music with a cocktail and our lovely Sexy Strippers of Tahoe. Make your boat ride a night to remember! It doesn’t take much either. Just an area for the girls to change, and some open space for the party! Even if the boat rental is accompanied with a crew, they are well aware of the agency, and will not mind the fun to be had at all! Let your rental crew know when you schedule, and be sure to let us know your details. It can all be happily arranged.

Naughty Bus Ride of Your Dreams

If a boat party isn’t your thing and you prefer the party bus route, our gorgeous girls can hop on and party with you on your bus. They’ll keep the party going by putting on amazing shows, dancing, playing naughty games and providing tons of non stop fun. Ride from Tahoe to Reno or anywhere in the area with our sexy ladies entertaining you.

*If you haven’t found your party bus rental location, we recommend getting the party started by contacting Reno Limos for a great choice in transportation.

Hot & Wet Poolside Fun

Another great way to have some party fun is a pool party! Our girls can party with you poolside and even get in. Ever had a lap dance in a pool? Well, you can now. Swim, eat, drink and party with Sexy Strippers of Tahoe. They can make the party happen pretty much anywhere you want. Summer is the time of year where you should enjoy the beautiful outdoors and why not make it extra fun with some eye candy?

End your summer right and give us a call today!

Your dream summer party awaits.

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What to expect from Sexy Strippers of Tahoe’s VIP Package

A party from Sexy Strippers of Tahoe will entail a ton of fun. There are plenty of party games, dances, and sexy shows to make your night more than memorable. One great way to get the most out of your experience is to book a VIP Package. There is more than one positive reason for this.


When booking your strippers in the Reno-Sparks, Truckee-Tahoe area you can choose to pay as you go, or you can book the all-inclusive VIP Package. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to worry about going through your pockets after each game, it is already pre paid. This makes things a lot easier for the group. You only need extra cash for tipping, or if you would like, private dances later in the night. Otherwise, you and your buddies are all included! Less stress, less counting, and less fuss! All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show..


Typically, for our basic Premier Package, the bachelor is included for his dance and games. What about the rest of the crowd? You all would pay as you go, but with our VIP Package, everyone is included. This means not only does the bachelor get his fun, but also your entire group gets to try each game and have the lap dances included in the initial price! Did I mention the girl on girl toy show is also included? Your party is set to have the maximum fun you can with this show.


This can sometimes even save you money. If everyone buys games and dances the cost can definitely add up, but with the VIP, you don’t have to worry. No matter your groups size it is all paid for, and everyone gets a chance at fun. The girls also stay a minimum of 2 hours! That is plenty of time for lots of sexy entertainment and fun. If your group decides they want private dances, or shower shows at the end of your games, and lap dances the girls will stay for that as well. You get the maximum fun with this package and way more bang for your buck! Why wait? Book your amazing two girl VIP Tahoe Stripper Package today!

Your Unforgettable Night with Real Girls is Awaiting

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How to prepare for a night with Sexy Strippers of Tahoe

Prior to your exciting event there are a fews things that you need to get in order to prepare for a night with Sexy Strippers of Tahoe. The most important being securing a place to stay and some key party items.


5 Things to Beware When Booking a Bachelor Party

When booking a bachelor party here in Tahoe or Reno areas there are plenty of sites to choose from. I mean really, the access to getting entertainment seems all too easy. But in all reality you don’t always get what you wish for.