Wet and Wild Fun in the Summer with Sexy Strippers in Reno and Tahoe

Summer is still young and there is tons of fun to be had. If you are coming to the Tahoe-Truckee or Reno-Sparks area, and plan on doing some outdoor stuff, we’ve got you covered. Here are some great ideas on how you can spice up your summer with sexy strippers and hot fun.

Ready to Float Your Boat?

Did you know if you plan on having some boat fun that our girls can come along? Yes, they can actually do your event on the boat. Kick back, relax and jam out to some music with a cocktail and our lovely Sexy Strippers of Tahoe. Make your boat ride a night to remember! It doesn’t take much either. Just an area for the girls to change, and some open space for the party! Even if the boat rental is accompanied with a crew, they are well aware of the agency, and will not mind the fun to be had at all! Let your rental crew know when you schedule, and be sure to let us know your details. It can all be happily arranged.

Naughty Bus Ride of Your Dreams

If a boat party isn’t your thing and you prefer the party bus route, our gorgeous girls can hop on and party with you on your bus. They’ll keep the party going by putting on amazing shows, dancing, playing naughty games and providing tons of non stop fun. Ride from Tahoe to Reno or anywhere in the area with our sexy ladies entertaining you.

*If you haven’t found your party bus rental location, we recommend getting the party started by contacting Reno Limos for a great choice in transportation.

Hot & Wet Poolside Fun

Another great way to have some party fun is a pool party! Our girls can party with you poolside and even get in. Ever had a lap dance in a pool? Well, you can now. Swim, eat, drink and party with Sexy Strippers of Tahoe. They can make the party happen pretty much anywhere you want. Summer is the time of year where you should enjoy the beautiful outdoors and why not make it extra fun with some eye candy?

End your summer right and give us a call today!

Your dream summer party awaits.

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